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The Longevity code

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We all know that we age - but do you know exactly how, and why? And do you wonder what you can do-whatever your age - to slow the process so you can live well, for longer?

This book comprehensively answers these questions. Medical doctor and polymath scientist Kris Verburgh illuminates the biological mechanisms that make our bodies susceptible to heart attacks, strokes, dementia, diabetes, and other aging-related diseases.

We learn about the crucial role of poorly functioning mitochondria, shortened telomeres, proteins and carbohydrates, and more. Having explained the aging process at work, Dr. Verburgh then provides the tools we need to slow them down: his scientifcally backed Longevity Staircase. is simple yet innovative step-by-step method oers better health and a longer life span through nutrition - currently our best defense in the ght against aging and disease. And with each passing day, advances in biotechnology - once the stu of science ction - are emerging as part of the longevity code.

Dr. Verburgh discusses how new types of vaccines, mitochondrial DNA, CRISPR proteins, and stem cells may help us slow and even reverse aging - now and in the future.

Auteur: Kris Verburgh, Pete Cross

Uitgever: The Experiment LLC

Dit boek ook lezen? Bestel het hier.


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