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Life in the Fasting Lane

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Lose weight, improve your health and revolutionize your lifestyle with a cutting-edge approach to intermittent fasting that blends scientific strategy with personal dieting experience.

For many who are eager to try out fasting, the regimen can feel a bit intimidating. People rightly wonder: How often can I eat? Will I be able to focus at work? Will I have enough energy to exercise? And perhaps the most concerning question of all: Won't I be hungry all the time?!

Life in the Fasting Lane takes you by the hand and walks you through the basics of a fasting lifestyle.

Dr Fung and Ramos explain the fundamentals of fasting and offer a customizable approach and Mayer shares her honest perspective and hard-won knowledge as a success story who turned her life around.

With chapters that address everything from meal planning to mental strategies and exercise to socializing, Life in the Fasting Lane is a unique and accessible guide to developing a sustainable and beneficial fasting routine that offers dramatic, lifelong results.

Auteur: Jason Fung, Eve Mayer, Megan Ramos

Uitgever: Hay House Uk Ltd

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